Information about reservations at Figuya

Learn about the reservation feature at Figuya

In case you have a customer account, you will be able to let us know if you are interested in a product that is not yet available – tentatively and non-binding (reservation). Please click the button „Reserve“ in the detailed view of the article you are interested in. An overview of the reservation will open. After accepting the Terms and Condition, you can proceed to send us your reservation by clicking the Reserve button once more. By reserving a product, you are not bound by a purchase agreement for the product yet. Please note that you can only reserve one unit of a product. In case you wish to order more than one unit, you will have to pre-order it normally.

Should we learn that a product has become unavailable, we will inform you immediately about this.

Reservations can be converted into paid orders by clicking on „Reservations“ in your customer account and proceeding to „Add to cart“. The product will then be in your cart and you can order it by following the steps on screen.

Should you realize in the meantime that you do not have any interest in the product any longer, we would kindly ask you to delete your reservation. In order to do so, please go to your customer account under „Reservations“. You will see an overview of your reservations. To delete a reservation please click „Delete reservation“ and confirm it, telling us the reason why. Please do so in case you do not want the product any longer before it arrives in our warehouse (i.e before its status changes to available).

Once the product arrives in our warehouse, you will receive a mail with information on how you can convert your reservation into a paid order. In order to conclude an offer for a binding purchase agreement for the product, you have to complete the order procedure within 14 days (mon – sun) after getting the mail. You will receive another mail, a tentative order confirmation. Please mind that we are not bound to accept your offer within two workdays after getting your order. If we do, the purchase agreement will be completed and we will send your order to you.

Your reservation works as following:

Choose from the product categories, presorting or via search the product you are interested in. With a click on the Reserve button you will see an overview where you will ned to accept the Terms and Conditions before you can reserve the product tentatively by clicking the Reserve button again. In your customer account you can check or edit your reservations whenever you wish to do so by clicking the tab „Reservations“ in the upper bar.