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“Irasshaimase” is probably known amongst those of you who have been to Japan, studying Japanese or who are watching raw or subbed versions of their favourite anime series. It means “Welcome!” and is usually used as a welcoming greeting when stepping into a shop. Well then: Irasshaimase or welcome to our online shop for figures and merchandise for manga, anime and games!

We are very happy to welcome you here.

The idea for the name “Figuya” came to us back in the times when we started collecting anime figures. The template was in fact the Japanese name for figure that has been adapted into their language from the English word. It is written フィギュア in hiragana and pronounced as “figyua” which has turned out to be rather difficult for us and as such we simply switched the letters to make Figuya out of it! By now, the name is trademarked by us as we like it very much and try to preserve it.

We already hinted at our backstory with anime figures. We are ourselves passionate collectors of anime figures and witnessed the beginnings of nowadays very popular manufacturers such as Alter or Good Smile Company, even having some of their first creations in our collection. We plan to show those off in our blog every now and then so make sue to check it out!

This love for collecting is what we try to convey to our customers and we want to offer you the prettiest and best products manufactured. Of course, we offer only original products straight from Japan.

A little trivia for those who are interested and especially for the newbies at figure collecting: Most of the figures are made in China, even the original figures of Japanese manufacturers. As such, most figures are labelled as “Made in China”. One of the only Japanese manufacturers producing in Japan is Cospa which we find admirable.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of fake figures (“bootlegs”) coming from China which meanwhile are even sold throughout the world. But worry not: We check regularly and get our goods solely from official European wholesalers or directly from trustworthy Japanese distributors as well as from the manufacturers themselves. You can safely buy at our shop without worries! This topic will also be covered in some of our blog posts as well as several comparisons of originals vs. bootlegs.

In the meantime, our range of goods comprises almost 1000 products, among them anime figures, trading figures, Figmas, Nendoroids, Revoltechs, Figuttos, Cu-Poche, chopsticks, artbooks, dakimakuras, mugs, bags and much much more you can get for a low price.

How do you like our new website with its new functions? Please drop us proposals, wishes and suggestions on how we can improve it for you in our inbox by using the contact form or simply send us an e-mail directly at kontakt@figuya.de.

In case you are looking for a certain figure or a specific piece of merchandise we will do our best to look for it for you. We gladly take enquiries about that, please use the contact form or mail us at kontakt@figuya.de.

Please do not miss the occasional contests we hold to celebrate our new website! It'd be worth a try for you to get nice new merchandise so make sure to check back every once in a while.

Now enough talking, please have fun exploring our shop!

Your Figuya team