Figuchan - the mascot of Figuya

Figuchan artworks of the figuya mascot

Meet Figuchan, our cat girl mascot. You will see more of her on our site.

Figu-Chan - Darktown Edition :)
We started an awesome Indiegogo cooperation with DarkTownArt's Anne Pogoda and her Minotaura figure. In the process, this beautiful illustration of Figu-chan was drawn, garnishing Figuya merchandise like mugs and dakimakura that can be ordered in our shop. ( (; )
Figu-Chan - Ryoko Edition :)
Ryoko had a sketch offer going on and our boss couldn't resist after having stalked Ryoko's page for quite a while. This is Ryoko's gorgeous Figu-chan in shoujo style. Following this has been a sleeping Figu-chan. More of Ryoko's works can be found here:
Noch ein Entwürf von Miyu-chan
Here's Figu-chan drawn by Miyu-chan. She is a gifted artist and huge collector of figures and as one thing lead to another, we got this beautiful Figu-chan in Miyu-chan's dreamy and romantic style. Here is Miyu-chan's profile on Facebook:
Neu designter und colorierter Enftwurf von @sky_fish
Lovely sky_fish adapted Figu-chan into her style and coloured her afterwards – and she looks gorgeous. Her homepage with more pretty illustrations can be found here:
Erster Entwurf des Figuya Maskottchen Figu-Chan
The first design for Figu-chan has been sketched by our boss herself. This is how she looked like back then. As you can see, we wanted our mascot to be a cute Japan-themed catgirl from the very beginning.

How did we come up with the name Figu-chan? As part of a contest, Stefan Spanke suggested Figu-chan as name for our mascot and won a Haruhi Suzumiya Nendoroid Petite Set. Many thanks to him.

We think Figu-chan shouldn't be alone much longer and we are already working on designing her sister Ya-chan!

We can never have enough fanart of Figu-chan so if you ever feel inspired, show us your Figu-chans!