Information about the products offered at Figuya

What kind of products does Figuya offer?

Available These products are in stock and you can order them via „Add to cart“. They will be sent out as soon as we have received your payment. More information found under „Order process“.

On demand You can order these products via „Add to cart“ button like avalilable products. The shipment will take longer though as we will have to order them from our suppliers. There is a possibility of them being unavailable. If latter should be the case, you will be informed immediately and we send you your payment back. Delivery time can range from a few days to a few months. If you wish to inquire about your order and how long it will take, send us a mail at

Pre-order These products can either be ordered via „Add to cart“ followed by the payment for the product or they can be tentatively reserved if you check the detailed product view via „Reserve“, latter option not demanding you to pay already. Tentative reservations can be converted to paid orders at any time, even if the product is not yet on stock. All customers, those who paid their order and those who have a tentative reservation open, will be informed once the products go on stock. If they have been paid already, they will be sent out immediately. Reserved products will be kept for two weeks after arrival and have to be paid within those two weeks. If you need more time, feel free to send us a mail at More information about reservations and how they work are found under the bulletpoints „Reservations“ and „Order process“. Should we have a supply shortage, paid orders will be processed before tentative reservations are.

Sold out Unfortunately, these products are out of stock and we cannot get them from our suppliers any longer. In case you absolutely wish to have a product that has been sold out, you can send us an inquiry, preferably with a price offer, and we will see whether we are able to get hold of your desired product but we cannot promise we will be able to get it.

Order stop These products have been on pre-order but have yet to arrive at our warehouse. All units we ordered from our suppliers have already been ordered or reserved by our customers. You can opt to send us a mail at so we can put you in queue in case reservations are not converted etc. We are currently working on an automatic queueing system so it will be easier for you to get your desired product and will inform you as soon as it is ready!