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Akizuki - A.G.P. Action Figure

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Akizuki, the naming ship of the Akizuki-class, joins our shop as a movable action-figure by Sega. Lately we were able to admire the ship-girl with the animated turrets in various versions, and her fans keep getting their money's worth. As a member of the 61st Destroyer Division she makes a very competent impression, and so you can display her for example in the posture she has on her card or have her attack with an even more determined face. There is also a rather unhappy face to reconstruct her damaged version. Or you might take all this heavy parts of equipment off of her and let her take a break, which she uses to cuddle with Choujuusenchihou-chan. The small turrets are able to walk by themselves if they are not attached to her. How cute!

Title Akizuki - A.G.P. Action Figure - English
Release 2017-08-24
Height 13 cm
Price 84.90 € incl 19% vat
Thumb akizuki   a.g.p. actionfigur  2 Thumb akizuki   a.g.p. actionfigur  1 Thumb akizuki   a.g.p. actionfigur  4 Thumb akizuki   a.g.p. actionfigur  5 Thumb akizuki   a.g.p. actionfigur  3

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