Hatsune Miku - Christmas Version - SPM Figure

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What would Christmas be without figures in a Santa-outfit? Of course our beloved Miku Hatsune can't miss the occasion. Right on schedule for Christmas, Sega has published her as an inexpensive SPM Figure. You can allow yourself one of those or give her away as a present.

Miku wears a short red dress with white fur at the seams and a matching cap and gloves. A yellow star-shaped brooch decorates her collar as well as two pompoms which we also find on the black boots. Some bow ties belong to the costume, colored not in the typical Christmas-color green, but in turquoise, matching Miku's hair color. For this occasion she has untied her characteristic pigtails for once and wears her hair open. So cute!

Title This cute Hatsune Miku with a Christmas Dress is now available at Figuya.
Release 2016-11-23
Price 34.90 € incl 19% vat
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The final product might differ from the pictures in small details.

These figures are suitable for collectors older than 14 years.