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Hestia - Danmachi - Kotobukiya

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It is not often that the hype surrounding one particular character in an anime series is as big as the one around Goddess Hestia from the series Danmachi (English title: Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?). That rather weird title would imply a harem comedy series but the anime has a little more to it than that alone. The whole story is based in Orario where a gigantic underground Labyrinth exists that is only called the Dungeon by the inhabitants. A lot of adventurers venture into that dungeon to slay monsters and earn some money. This sounds a lot like RPG games which is obviously the intention. Adventures skills are also based on levels and they can level-up after a certain amount of training in the dungeon. All those brave fighters are organized in a Familia that serves under a certain deity. One of them is Hestia who is shown by Kotobukiya in a kneeling pose while she treats herself with an apple from a big box. Her characteristic white outfit has been sculpted very well and looks just like it does in the anime and the Light Novels. The striking feature of her clothes is the blue ribbon underneath her breasts, a feature that has led to a ton of parodies in Japan already. A very nice start to Hestia statues and other figure makers will follow soon with their versions of this cute girl.

Title Hestia - Danmachi - Kotobukiya - English
Release 2016-02-12
Height 14,5 cm
Price 99.90 € incl 19% vat
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