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Isla - Freeing - Plastic Memories

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The cute Giftia Isla is the female main character of the original anime series Plastic Memories that has been running in Japanese television this year. FREEing chose to bring us a statue of the girl with the characteristic grey hair and put her in a kneeling pose. Plastic Memories is about a vision of the future where humans live alongside androids that look just like them and also have the capability to feel exactly as a human would. The Giftia series is the newest model in the evolution of androids but there is a catch. They only have a life span of about 9 years and 4 months before they begin to malfunction. In the SAI Corp. there is a whole part of the company that is dedicated to Terminal Service. They bring back androids shortly before their time spans end. That this sometimes causes trouble with the owners is no surprise since they tend to get very attached to their companions. Isla herself is one of those Giftias and in the beginning of the series she starts to go out on missions with the new member of the group named Tsukasa. The elegant smile of her emits a wonderful and rather melancholic atmosphere that fits the series very nicely.

Title Isla - Freeing - Plastic Memories - English
Release 2016-07-22
Height 11 cm
Price 114.90 € incl 19% vat
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