Kantai Collection Statue 1/7 Fuel Ship Hayasui 23 cm

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After all the battle ships and destroyers from Kantai Collection, Funny Knights publishes a high quality statue of Hayasui. She is a fleet oiler of the Kazahaya-class and is able to launch sea-planes. Actually she is not very much suited for battle, but to assist the other ships of the fleet. A fleet oiler is able to refuel ships underway but doesn't have much armor or weaponry. At the moment Hayasui is the only ship of this kind in Kantai Collection. The Imperial Japanese Navy wanted to have several oilers built during World War II, because they only had old and slow ones, but out of eleven ships planned only the naming ship Kazahaya and Hayasui were finished.

Funny Knights created this statue according to the artwork on Hayasui's game card. She wears a jacket over her uniform and instead of weapons she carries equipment to refuel and repair other ships. She also has a flight deck for sea planes. An oiler should be part of any fleet!

Title Kantai Collection Statue 1/7 Fuel Ship Hayasui 23 cm - English
Release 2017-08-30
Height 23 cm
Price 204.90 € incl 19% vat
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