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Several times before, we could offer Hatsune Miku in her frosty version as Snow Miku. But now Good Smile presents us an especially creative variant of her. You'll have to look at her for a while to see all the details!

Miku wears a futuristic outfit in white, blue and silver. It leaves some skin uncovered while at the same time a scarf, gloves and ear muffs belong to it. Matching the cold color scheme, Miku's hair is of an icy blue instead of turquoise. One of the twin-ponytails seems to follow the movement of Miku's right hand while the other swirls around her to the bottom, turning into a slide for her so it looks like the hair is absorbed into an artwork of ice.

Necessary for a Snow Miku are of course the ornamental snowflakes which can also be found on the base. The base is positioned on three transparent legs of different length so it is tilted, intensifying the feeling that Miku is sliding down a ski-slope. Has the winter ever been so cool? Grab this treasure before she slides away!

Title Snow Miku - Good Smile Company - English
Release 2018-01-30
Height 27,5 cm
Price 164.90 € incl 19% vat
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