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Venera-sama with Garakuuchika and KuruKuru

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Isn't she sweet? Venera is also known as Kate Hoshimiya, and this figurine shows her childlike side: She seems to have dropped some clothes and is now reclining on them. She cuddles her beloved toy pet Garakuuchika, who has some resemblance to an alien rabbit. The manufacturer Flare has taken great care with the details, for example with her long hair flowing over her back. Venera brings some sweets which can be placed randomly on the base, and a few so-called KuruKurus. She makes an innocent face. Venera may look like a child, but her real age is unknown. For a long time she has been the leader of Zvezda, an organization with the goal to conquer the world.

The series Sekai Seifuku ~ Bouryaku no Zvezda (World Conquest Zvezda Plot) is still quite new, so we may be curious if more figures or other cool merchandise will be released in the future. This is a chance for collectors in need of a new topic! Plamya-sama is already available separately in the shop.

Title Venera-sama with Garakuuchika and KuruKuru - English
Release 2017-01-24
Height 20 x 11 cm
Price 219.90 € incl 19% vat
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The final product might differ from the pictures in small details.

These figures are suitable for collectors older than 14 years.