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Zuikaku - Aoshima / FunnyKnights

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After Mutsuki comes this very traditional looking statue of Zuikaku. Her design was taken over from her game card with much love for detail. As an aircraft carrier she is portrayed with a bow and quiver, giving us a small glimpse of the world of kyuudou, the traditional Japanese art of archery. Japanese bows are not held in the middle, but in an asymmetric way further down, arrows are pulled out of the quiver at hip height and to protect the right hand from harm when pulling the bowstring the archer wears a special leather glove. One of those belongs to Zuikaku's equipment. Like most of the aircraft carriers she wears a modified miko outfit which has been changed to be camouflage-colored in her Kai Ni version. This distinctive feature is a reference to the real ship which was also painted in such colors.

Zuikaku means “auspicious crane”; the crane alone is already a strong symbol. In fact the real ship was hardly damaged until she was heavily attacked and sunk 1944 in the Battle of Cape Engaño. Here comes a lucky charm for your home fleet!

Title Zuikaku - Aoshima / FunnyKnights - English
Release 2017-01-10
Height 23 cm
Price 189.90 € incl 19% vat
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The final product might differ from the pictures in small details.

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