Anime figures


Buy anime figures online for a fair price

You are looking for a certain anime figure? No problem. We are offering a huge amount of anime and manga figures in our online store. Our figures have their origin from many anime series and games like Tales from Xilia, Shining Hearts, One Piece, Togainu no Chi, Ikki Tousen, Samurai Girls, Bakemonogatari, Vocaloid, Guilty Crown, Acel World, Sword Art Online and many more.

Every anime figure in our shop is an original from Japanese manufacturer and can be ordered online. To simplify your search you can sort figures by manufacturer or anime origin. In case your favorite anime figure is missing in our shop feel free to contact us. In that case we will try to find your figure and make it possible for you to order them. Have a lot of fun while shopping!

What will you find in the category anime figures?

Anime and manga figures are certainly the main product at but you will find statues from console games in that main category as well. Our figures are made of PVC or resin. We also offer hentai figures for those who like less dressed figures. Nendoroids and other SD figures are more for fans of cute characters on the other hand figma from Max Factory for those who like to set up the figures in different action poses. Anime trading figures are meant for collecting and trading. We even offer soft fur fabric figures so soft you want to cuddle them. Of course all figures are original licensed products.