Love Live


µ (Muse), the nine goddesses of music

Honoka Kousaka student of the Otonokizaka High is just an ordinary girl to the point that her school seems to be closed because of the lacking of interested parties. The family Kousaka got a long tradition at the school and so Honoka starts with a plan to rescue her beloved school. In a newsletter article she finds out about school idols of her district.

At the next morning the student went to the UTX the best and biggest school of Akihabara to see the school idol group „A-RISE“. Honoka is so impressed about the three girls that she starts to form her own idol group to make her school more famous.

How could be a better choice for the group as her both best friends: Umi Sonoda and Kotori Minami. Umi who is part of the archer club is more sceptic about the euphoric idea of Honoka but in the end she and Kotori are joining because of the ambitions behind the plan.

After a short time the group increases in numbers and the goal to participate at the Love Live a big and well-known idol festival is started. Hanayo Kouzumi, the shy and quite idol fanatic, Rin Hoshizora, the twirly and mewing tomboy, and Maki Nishikino, the adult and cool acting componist, are joining the group. With the third years of the school – Nozomi Toujou, the calm and reserved esoteric, Eli Ayase, the former ballerina and choreographer, and at last Nico Yazawa, the sweet president of the schools idol club – the group as µ (Muse).

As team of nine girls they start to write their own texts and music, perform their choreography and practice for the Love Live. Will they be good enough to rescue the school and win the festival?

Be there and let µ take over your heart!