Super Sonico


Sonico is a fictional character created by Tsuji Santa by Nitroplus. She began her carrier as a mascot at a Nitroplus live music event in 2006. She was very famous and so started Sonico her iconic life and was seen at every live music event of Nitroplus.

Sonico herself is a young girl with moe character, pink hair and headphones. Her cute character impressed artist all over the world and they started to interpret the mascot in a lot of ways and arts. A lot of adaptations started to publish all over the world.

The eighteen year old girl herself is a student and idol at the same time. She has a band with some friends who were former eroge character of Nitroplus. 2011 the manga of Sonico started and soon after that in 2013 the anime was published.

Let Sonico in your heart and becharm yourself!