Sword Art Online


„There is only one means of escape... To complete the game."

On the 6th of November 2022 at 1 pm japanese time Sword Art Online, a VRMMORPG, started his seervice. It went online with 10.000 selled copies and the same number of players. Kazuto Kirigaya, a calm and introverted boy, is one player who bought SAO combined with the NerveGear which creates a virtual reality. He himself was one of the thousand beta tester who collected information in a period of one month.

Since than Kazuto desired the official release and started immediately to play in the world of SAO named Aincrad the floating castle. The exceptional of SAO is that the world itself hasn’t got any magic. Only swords and the skills are the belongings of a player. Kazuto’s username in Aincrad is Kirito. He starts his journey in the city of beginnings and meets a character named Klein. A bit confused and repellent Kirito helps Klein to beat a boar.

After that Klein tries to logout of the game, but the point in the menu doesn’t show up. All players were teleported into the city and the G.M (Game Master) appeared in front of them. He tells that the logout is no longer possible and the only way to get out of the game is to beat all hundred stages and bosses. But if a player dies in Aincrad he dies in reallife too.

And so the journey of Kirito starts…