The figuya team

Meet the figuya team

We thank our great team for the good work and the fun of it! At the fairs we still have plenty of helpers changing and we thank them for their good work!

Jessica, the company founder in late 2011, who has created the benchmark: Figuya. She has started her adventure with collecting figures quite by aciddent, before the year 2000. Her first eye-catching „jewels“ were Bandai Trading Figures of Rurouni Kenshin and Sailor Moon. Then came the idea of starting her own online store. After long planning and strenuous preparations, her project was finally implemented. The big opening took place on the 17th of December 2011. The online brand Figuya is now certified and well-recognized around the globe. Jessica has got her great team to support her.

She is small, but kind of scary. Don't feed her!

Tobinski. Nobody really knows what he is doing here. According to him he is in charge of various IT and management related tasks. He also told me that when he is doing his job well, we would not even notice that he is here. Isn't that convenient?

Our Flotaku took charge of our customer support at Figuya in autumn of 2014. He will answer all your questions and will do his best to solve any customer-related issues. He finds your DHL packet or have one or the other little chat with you on the phone. With him, you are in good hands!

Flotaku is also responsible for the implementation of new products into our shop. Sometimes Floataku will even personally prepare and send out your package. Flo is like a real otaku, he contributes in all areas of our job-life. The same goes for anime: He watch them all.

Steffen is our warehouse and shipping specialist. He packs a lot of the packages which end up finaly at the customer. With the Zorro of Tsume he had to do and drag! Steffen packs the great figures in our cars, so that it can then begin. Manga Comic Convention, Dokomi, Animagic, Connichi and Co. can start. Steffen also collects itself figures, from Yato an Miku to Native. He has some pieces of every Series.
Betty was with the first collector-friend of the boss and operated the forum for Gashapon figure collectors a while ago where the two of them met. Forthcoming she will represent the Figuya company in Austria and sets the Fairs on behalf of Figuya. Besides of that she will manage our whole marketing department. So for a Partner Request write immediately a mail at Betty has also the largest figure collestion we know as far. For real!! 16 Ikea Detolfs shelfs.

Patrick recently took charge of the Figuya accounting! We are very glad that he did that…

He is an avowed Love Live (Waifu = Rin) and Haikyuu !! "Volleyball is so great!"

He became a big fan of it! He will soon get some serious space problems at home; being a Love Life fan makes you buy way too many characters…

Laura was our first junior assistant , who has graduated in Mannheim.

Now she prepares many products for us in our shop and helps us at events with our stand. She even understands Japanese and will now and then translate some japanese product descriptions for us.

Kaworu ist one of her most favored anime characters.

Stephie was our first part-timer in Berlin. She supports Steffen with preparing packages and manages our warehouse. She also helps us with our translations into English. Her currently most-favored anime is clearly Haikyuu!!!
Lisa supports us with her charisma and positive energy. She makes those great product photos, that you can admire the packages and unpacked figures in our Figuya shop.
Anja is mainly involved with translations into English. In addition she helps us every year on the Connichi! She likes Yu-Gi-Oh! and baking.