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Naruto Uzumaki und Sasuke Uchiha - Naruto G.E.M. Remix

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Megahouse sends us on a nostalgia rollercoaster with a double figure release of Naruto and Sasuke based on the cover of the 17. manga volume of Naruto. Figures of the two characters in their old pre-Shippuuden versions are few and far between and it is nice to see them designed this nicely. They are also the first characters to be released under the new sub label of the G.E.M Remix figures. They are covering each other to complete this mission successfully, too. The gigantic scroll is also a nice inclusion to frame the two of them. They also come equipped with Kunai to defend themselves. Get this dynamic duo for your collection.

Title Naruto Uzumaki und Sasuke Uchiha - Naruto G.E.M. Remix - English
Release 2017-07-24
Height 15 cm
Price 139.90 € incl 19% vat
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The final product might differ from the pictures in small details.

These figures are suitable for collectors older than 14 years.