Sinon - Aquamarine - Re-Release

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The icy sniper from the Gun Gale Online part of Sword Art Online II gets another statue. This time she is sculpted by the company Aquamarine. The artist Satoshi Toda took on Asada Shino's Avatar. He is well-known for a more realistic approach of his characters and man looks this Sinon great. This pose gives her a cool and self-confident image that is the best advertisement for the renowned sniper. The girl emits a threatening aura with the weapon on her shoulder and basically shouts don't come to close to me. The determined look of her wonderful light blue eyes underlines that image nicely. She already has bullets in her hand to be ready to strike at any time. This design of the character is very different from most of the other statues and is a true must-have for Sinon fans.

Title Sinon - Aquamarine - Re-Release - English
Release 2017-08-31
Height 21.5 cm
Price 169.90 € incl 19% vat
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