Hatsune Miku - Greatest Idol

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That Miku is the greatest idol of them all was never really in doubt, was it? Good smile has a nice version of from the cover of the greatest idol album by MitchieM and took that as an opportunity to bring us the next statue of her. This edition of the Vocaloid star has been designed by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and hasn't had any figure adaption until now. She is shown in a wonderful dynamic pose that captures the intensity of her performance very well. The figure makers really did a great job in figuring out the sculpt and she really looks just like the artwork does up to the finest details. The blouse or the intricate patter of the fluttering skirt everything has been put into the figure. Miku herself waves in her own cute way and has a nice happy expression. It is also impressive how the movement and the gradually shifting color of her hair has been implemented into the statue. Miku also has her rather futuristic instrument with her that is a hybrid between a synthesizer and a guitar. It sure does well to support her catchy songs. A wonderful figure really living up to our favorite virtual idol.

Title Hatsune Miku - Greatest Idol - English
Release 2016-08-30
Height 20 cm
Price 129.90 € incl 19% vat
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