Son Goku Super Saiyan - Dragon Ball Z Dramatic Showcase ~3rd Season~ Vol.1

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This Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z belongs to the Dramatic Showcase series by Banpresto, which means his design is picked directly from the manga or anime so you can let this scene come alive in your display cabinet. He's in his Super-Saiyajin form and has obviously taken quite a few hits already. His clothes are in tatters, but his fighting spirit is unbroken. On the contrary: He is collecting his power with an enraged scream, and we know this scene so well that we can almost see the radiant energy aura around him.

While Son Goku would look good if displayed alone, the overall impression will be much cooler if he is shown together with the one he fights. His adversary is of course Freezer in his final form. Freezer is available separately as a Dramatic Showcase figure, find him here.

Title Son Goku Super Saiyan figure.
Release 2016-11-22
Price 29.90 € incl 19% vat
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The final product might differ from the pictures in small details.

These figures are suitable for collectors older than 14 years.